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Nonprofit organizations exist to solve community problems and improve quality of life for others. Too much time and manpower is taken away from advancing the mission by operations and administrative duties. This is why the Markista exists!

It's Time To Accelerate Your Mission

Nonprofit organizations can only goes as far as their operational capacity can take them. Let The Markista manage the mundane tasks  so that your organization’s valuable time and energy can be focused on your community.

The Markista serves those who serve care for others change the world change lives

How I Serve Your Mission


I set up systems, procedures, and automations to efficiently manage the back-end operations of your organization.

Marketing & Customer Service

My years of experience in digital marketing, graphic design, website management, and customer service will ensure that you get the greatest return on investment.

Fundraising & Event Planning

I have access to a wide range of resources and expertise that I use to fundraise. I work to consistently execute the best fundraising strategies to accelerate your mission.

Team Management

I act as the first point of contact for your team. I will make sure the team is running smoothly by delegating tasks, answering questions, collaborate to solve problems and more.

Program Support

I take pleasure in offering support on every side, including program management support. I will recruit volunteers and build the capacity needed to mobilize your organization.

Project Management

I accomplish your nonprofit's goals by effectively developing a project plan and timeline and engaging your team members.

Monthly Retainers start at $500

Includes the services mentioned above and so much more! Book a free consultation to discuss your nonprofit’s needs. 

Alexis Sanders, CEO & Founder​

About the Markista

I am a self-taught, versatile, and solutions-driven a young professional. For more than 10 years, I have volunteered my time to support the missions of nonprofit and for-profit institutions. I was able to touch all facets of the organizations in some capacity, especially the front to back experience of the customer.

I founded The Markista to fulfill a manifold purpose of advancing the mission of nonprofit organizations while empowering individual business owners worldwide. I partner with international service providers to deliver the best management and operational support. 

My mission is to provide exceptional, superior support to nonprofit organizations in their endeavor to change the world. I look forward to learning more about your nonprofit and how I can stand in the gap for you!

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